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Since 2016, our team has supported many companies and people to realize their visions of international collaboration and diversity.
Initially through our Chinese counterpart, Youxin Medical Technology Co., Ltd. It is an authorized promotion unit of the German Medical Transparency Management System and Standards Committee (KTQ) and German COGNOS Education Group.

Due to our great success, we decided to establish the Sino-German Medical Technology & Education Management GmbH in Germany in 2019. This will allow us to coordinate our cooperation activities even better, have a permanent presence in the EU and Germany and provide you with a better service.


• Process and structural consulting for hospitals and healthcare centers

• Consulting and arrangement of joint ventures

• Cooperation and investment


• Knowledge transfer (e.g. TCM)

• Find cooperation partners in China and Germany

• Implementing contact with the local government

• Assisting the whole cooperation process


• Speed up the approval process for your pharmaceuticals

• Let you benefit from China’s most advantageous special economic zone

• Find the right contact persons in the Hainan Free Trade Port
• IP right transactions

Cooperation with Leading Hospitals and Universities

Brand sharing, Technological and Management Support, Talent Development, Academic Education & Exchange

It makes us happy when we see international collaborations and projects grow and flourish. It is this good feeling that always motivates us.

According to your visions and requirements, we will find a perfect location and Chinese partner for you. You don’t need to waste time on this. We conduct pre-screenings and organize meetings with the right contacts. If you need a plot of land for your project, it is even possible to get a plot of land for free. We will be happy to advise you.

Are you interested in cooperation with a private or public Chinese university? You don’t know the Chinese market that well? Are you worried that you won’t find a trustworthy partner?

There are indeed many problematic aspects that prevent many from entering the lucrative Chinese market. By doing so, you miss out on many valuable opportunities to grow and diversify your organization.

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