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Since 2016, our team has helped many companies and people to find partners in the Chinese market and realize their visions.
Initially through our Chinese counterpart, Youxin Medical Technology Co., Ltd. It is an authorized promotion unit of the German Medical Transparency Management System and Standards Committee (KTQ) and German COGNOS Education Group.

Due to our great success, we decided to establish the Sino-German Medical Technology & Education Management GmbH in Germany in 2019. This will allow us to coordinate our cooperation activities even better, have a permanent presence in the EU and Germany and provide you with a better service.

Since December 2021 we are the first official partner of the Chinese IP Right trading platform

Thanks to our good relations in business and politics, we were able to secure the position as the first official partner of the Chinese IP Right trading platform (IPEH). Here you can sell or license medical IP rights (patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc.).

The platform works with international standards. That ensures your IP protection. Through this platform, we can provide you with a convenient and secure way to monetize your intellectual property right.

This will save you a lot of time, hassle, and money. So you can fully concentrate on your business and your projects.

Our Team


• Process and structural consulting for hospitals and health care centers

• Consulting and arrangement of joint ventures

• Cooperation and investment


• IP right transactions

• Knowledge transfer (e.g. TCM)

• Find cooperation partners in China and Germany

• OEM final assembly of medical equipment in China, Hainan Free Trade Port


• Speed up the approval process for your pharmaceuticals

• Benefit from China’s most advantageous special economic zone

• Find the right contact persons in the Hainan Free Trade Port

Cooperation With Top Hospitals

Brand sharing, Technological and Management Support, Talent Development, Academic Education

We successfully implemented German-Chinese cooperation projects with top hospitals in Germany, like:

University Hospital Heidelberg, University Hospital Munich, University Hospital of Hamburg Eppendorf, Hannover Medical School, Technical University Hospital of Munich, University Hospital of Cologne, University Hospital Freiburg, University Hospital of Holstein, University Hospital Regensburg, University Hospital Erlangen, Göttingen University Medical School, University Hospital Dresden, University Hospital Düsseldorf, RWTH Aachen University Hospital, University Hospital Würzburg, University Hospital Bonn, University Medical School Mainz, Nuremberg Hospital.

We connect you with Chinese hospitals and health care centers.

Our Sino-German medical cooperation and exchange platform involves Guangdong Youxin Medical, Germany KTQ, Germany COGNOS, SGMTED, and German Top20 medical institutions.
We will find the perfect partner in China or Germany for you.

According to the strength and actual needs of China’s hospitals, we will identify one of the Top 20 German hospitals and establish a cooperation relationship. Win-win cooperation for both sites.

We will establish the mechanism of mutual visits between the two hospitals at the middle and senior levels, and carry out personnel training and technical exchange and cooperation. Introduce German advanced modern hospital management experience and advanced quality control system. To jointly build advantageous disciplines and improve the strength of the hospital as a whole.

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