We Are Your Partner for
Successful Cooperation Projects in HealthCare & Education

We Are Your Partner for
Successful Cooperation Projects in HealthCare & Education

“In everything we do, we believe that international exchange and diversity is the key to success. We believe in building bridges between cultures, people and companies.
The way we create international exchange is simply by bringing people with visions and ideas together.”

Some of Our Partners

Hainan Provincial TCM Hospital

Business Association of South China in Europe e.V.

Guangdong Youxin Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

SGCR Sino-German Medical Training Center for Children and Health

Work With Professionals

We are a high-qualified multicultural team and understand the challenges in the Chinese market.

Fast Lane for Your Market Entry

We will assist you to enter the Chinese Market in as fast as 3 days. Only possible via Hainan.

Intellectual Property Protection

The new legislation in China makes it possible. It protects your IP rights and makes it easy to enforce your rights quickly.

We Connect You Directly With Eligible Chinese Partners

We support Chinese regions, universities and hospitals in strengthening their internationalization. Our mission is to find cooperation opportunities for our Chinese partners and support international exchange.

Win-Win Cooperation Projects
in Education & HealthCare

We are the go-to address for anyone
planning exchange and cooperation programs
in South China and Hainan.

Do You Have a New Cooperation Project in China in Mind?

With us you will quickly get in direct contact with suitable universities. If your project is located on Hainan you will enjoy all the benefits of the Hainan Free Trade Port.

Our partners are Chinese public and private hospitals and universities. If you are interested in setting up a cooperation in China we will connect you directly to our Chinese partners.

  • Trustful Partners
  • Success Through Win-Win
  • Easy Market Access
  • Tax Benefits

“Building one bridge is not enough.
We want to build a diversity of exchange and cooperation possibilities
for a better world. To give everybody the chance for cooperation and exchange.”

  • Are you thinking about production or assembly in China?

  • Are you afraid of being placed at a disadvantage compared to Chinese companies?
  • In fact, it is easier for producers from China to bring their products to the market.

  • Especially in the health sector, local producers have the advantage of faster market approval.
  • We will find for you trustful companies in the Hainan Free Trade Port that will carry out the end-production/assembly of your products.

  • You can send all important components or patented parts prefabricated to Hainan. Here, only an added value of 30% must be created. This way your patented technology and know-how remain protected.
  • Tax benefits only available in the Hainan Free Trade Port
  • Your products will be declared as produced in China
  • Faster certification


No, we are not an agency. We do not charge any fees. We work with eligible Chinese Partners and support them to find partners abroad. Our funding comes from China. If you are interested in cooperation, we will look for a suitable partner and connect you directly with him. It is as simple as that.

Many Chinese universities, healthcare institutions and organizations are willing to pay for exchanges, medical training, …
Depending on the project and location it is even possible to get a plot of land for free.

There is no single answer. Cooperations are an evolving process. For example, university collaborations can begin with teacher exchanges or continuing education, or with a student exchange for 1 semester and evolve into dual degree programs.

We specialize in the education & healthcare sector (equipment, pharmaceuticals, training). There is a high demand for cooperation and training in rehabilitation, climate medicine, geriatric care and public health.

In addition to financial and tax benefits, there is a whole range of other benefits:
International branding, increased knowledge sharing, easy access to the Chinese market, access to advanced TCM knowledge, etc.

Cooperation can increase your creativity and innovation and you will attract more international talents.

For medical devices and medical drugs: If your project is located on Hainan you will benefit from faster market approval for the whole Chinese market.

Get on board!

We navigate you safely and quickly
to the realization of your project.